Snuggle Cave Pet Bed - Grey Herringbone


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The patent-protected Snuggle Cave Bed from KONA CAVE® soothes and comforts pets by fulfilling their natural sleeping instincts.  

The fluffy and cuddly cave gives your pet the privacy, comfort and safety they crave
The supportive side cushions support and soothe your pet when they sleep and won't let the bed roll or tip over when they lean, keeping them secure
Our exclusive and innovative back air opening regulates the temperature inside the cave and ensures fresh air circulation to keep your pet safe
The cave front is supported by a hidden (removable) flexible tube and stays open for your pet at all times
The back of the cave top lies on the back of the bed to snuggle your pet like a blanket
Cave canopy is attached at the base of the bed giving your pet more space and comfort inside of the cave
✔ The Snuggle Cave is made of two stylish components: a beautiful bolster bed and a cozy zip-off cave cover, providing two beds in one

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  • KONA CAVE® Quality:

    • Snuggle Cave Beds are made with durable luxury fabrics and quality hypoallergenic fillings
    • Center mattress is double sided letting you choose between soft Sherpa Fleece or matching bolster fabric
    • Convenient and attractive vegan leather side carrying handles make moving the bed easy
    • Decorative vegan leather piping on all four corners
    • Four separate inner-cushion chambers ensure that the bed provides continuous support and keeps its shape
    • Zippers are placed on the inside of the bed to protect the floor from potential scratches
    • Covered interior seam construction ensures quality and durability
    • Water resistant nylon bottom panel
    • In warmer months, the cave top zips-off easily leaving a beautiful bolster bed with vegan leather piping on all four corners (2-beds-in-1)
    • Snuggle Cave Beds are loved by both cats and dogs
    • The KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed is patent protected worldwide
    • KONA CAVE® is ethically produced in Europe with love
    • Complement your KONA CAVE® and your home décor with matching pet-friendly home accessories

  • KONA CAVE® - Patent Protected Design

    Illustration of three views of the Snuggle Cave Pet Bed by KONA CAVE® with unique design benefits
  • What Do My Pets Sleeping Habits Tell Me?

    No one knows your dog better than you. Observe their sleeping habits, do they like to snuggle under the covers or into blankets and pillows? Do they like to curl up when they sleep? Do they like to stretch out?

    If they like to take up lots of room when they sleep, or they twist and turn and move around whilst dreaming the night away, you might want to size up. If your dog likes to sleep curled up, they should have plenty of room in the recommended size bed for their weight. Pay attention to the cave opening height measurement, as particularly tall dogs might like a larger size.

    Terrier and hunting breeds are especially happy in small covered spaces. The KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Dog Bed fulfills all their natural sleep instincts.

    Dimensions of the Snuggle Cave Bed